Texas University Starts First Vegan Dining Hall

Paws Up!

To the University of North Texas (UNT) Dining Services for designating its cafeteria ‘Mean Greens’ as the nation’s first all-vegan campus dining facility.

Photo by Elaine Vigneault

According to a news report, “The University of North Texas in Denton…has opened an all-vegan full-service campus cafeteria that it and animal-rights activists say appears to be the first in the nation.

“Students balanced plates of paninis made with fresh focaccia baked at the cafeteria, roasted vegetables, vegetarian sushi, bowls of asparagus soup, glasses of flavored vitamin waters and shot glasses of bananas foster. The hall doesn’t serve any animal products including meat, milk or eggs.”

A recent national survey by food provider Aramark has found that one in four college students favor expanding vegan options in campus dining facilities.

More than 17 billion animals are used annually in food production in the United States, and the majority of them suffer inhumane treatment on factory farms, where animals are considered production units instead of sentient beings. The crowding of livestock in intensive animal farming operations has created a cruel lack of space and an alarming overuse of antibiotics, and has also contributed to major environmental concerns such as heavy carbon emissions and pollution of our waterways due to runoff from animal waste.

Take Action: You can help countless animals, take charge of your health, and join the growing movement of compassionate eaters by adapting a vegetarian/vegan diet today. If you’re in college, talk to your dining services about expanding vegetarian and vegan options at your cafeteria. You can also write a letter of thanks to the director of UNT dining services and tell him what a good job his university is doing to promote ethical dietary choices in our nation’s coming generation.

Bill McNeace, Executive Director
University of North Texas Dining Services
1155 Union Circle #305068
Denton, Texas 76203
Tele. No.: 940-565-2530
E-mail: Bill.McNeace@unt.edu


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