When you think about it…why animals and not children, the elderly, the starving?

Photo by Jamie Woods

Too often people in animal rescue are accused of caring only for animal suffering and injustice, and not for human suffering and injustice. While the focus is on caring for animals and ensuring their safety and humane treatment, people involved in animal rescue are concerned about humans as well.

Those who rescue animals also rescue humans in some instances. For example, if a person is a hoarder and is living in filth and deprivation, removing the animals from his or her home and getting the human connected with the services he or she needs is helping both the animals and the humans. Such actions also protect other humans who may be living in the hoarder’s home, such as children and elderly relatives.

Someone who cares deeply about animals and is involved in humane education cares about humans by teaching generations of children and adults about the proper care and treatment of animals. The humans become educated, and the animals find loving homes.

Someone who is against factory farming cares not only about the harm and abuse done to factory farmed animals, but also about the toll factory farming takes on the environment. He or she is aware of the health risks to humans who eat factory farmed animals and their products, and tries to educate humans on the risks factory farming poses to planet Earth.

When you think about it…humans are animals too, so humane education and the appropriate treatment and care of animals involves all the animals on the planet not just a select few.

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