Endangered Species Shot at Zoo

Paws Down!
To the Minnesota Zoo for having killed an escaped Mexican male wolf.

According to a news report, a “male Mexican wolf [was] shot and killed…at the Minnesota Zoo….” The report explains that the wolf slipped through a gap in the holding fence surrounding his exhibition area and then jumped a second fence and ran onto a public path where he was shot. The wolf did not harm any humans while out of his enclosure. Yet, rather than move the public out of harms’ way and then tranquilize him, the zoo decided to have the wolf shot. This tragedy underscores the need to reevaluate our confining wild animals in zoos.

Photo by Joshua Barnett

Mexican gray wolves are listed on the federal endangered species list.

Take Action: Write a polite letter to the zoo director requesting he reevaluate the protection of animals following the tragic shooting death this male Mexican gray wolf. In addition, reevaluate your own support of zoos and aquariums that do not exist solely for the welfare of animals. If you do not visit them, they will cease to exist. Don’t give them your dollars or your support. In fact, whenever possible, make sure your family, friends, and colleagues know your decision. Wild animals belong in the wild, not in cages and especially not in ones that cannot contain them.

Lee C. Ehmke, Director/CEO
Minnesota Zoo
13000 Zoo Boulevard
Apple Valley, MN 55124
Tele.: 952-431-9200, 1-800-366-7811
Fax: 952-431-9300


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