A Less Painful Death

Paws Up!
To the state of Alabama for passing legislation to ban the use of gas chambers in animal shelters.

According to a news story, “Alabama shelters that use gas chambers to euthanize homeless animals will have until the last day of the year to end the practice.”

Photo by The National Humane Education Society

Known as “Beckham’s Act,” in honor of a dog who survived a mass gassing, the bill requires that shelters “provide written proof by Dec. 31 that they have switched to the fatal injection procedure.”

While no one wants to see healthy, vibrant animals euthanized, gas chambers cause suffering; lethal injections do not. Let’s all work toward the day when neither is used to euthanize an adoptable animal.

Take Action: Alabama residents, write a letter of thanks to your legislators for enacting this legislation. Residents of other states where gas chambers are still in operation, urge your legislators to follow Alabama’s action.

Everyone, save lives: adopt, don’t shop, for your next companion animal.


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