When you think about…would reputable dog breeders kill their dogs?

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According to an article in the greenbaypressgazette.com,”A local dog breeder said…that others in the [dog breeding] business are killing and abandoning canines to avoid complying with a costly state law regulating puppy mills….”

So, if we are to accept what he said, then people who profess to love dogs are going to kill them simply because the state wants to regulate the proliferation of shoddy breeders who indiscriminately breed anything just to make a dollar. Hmmm…something does not seem right. Wouldn’t responsible breeders want to shut down the irresponsible ones, the ones they compete with, the ones who make a mockery out of the purebred business? Wouldn’t they want to see dog breeds protected, the purity of the line retained, the health and well-being of the dogs they love receive the utmost attention?

Therefore, one may assume, those who are killing their dogs are not the reputable ones but the ones the law was intended to curb, the ones who are breeding dogs for profit and not to improve the breed.

According to Donna Gilson, spokeswoman for the state Department of Agriculture, Trade & Consumer Protection, the law allows a grace period for selling dogs so that people can come into compliance with it without resorting to draconian measures. “We foresaw there would be people who simply did not want to come under regulation for any reason so we wrote a provision for them to be able to liquidate their business,” she said. “If you’re willing to shoot them rather than to provide for their basic needs, then that’s probably the type of breeder lawmakers had in mind when they wrote the law.” The law, passed in 2009, has given breeders enough time to handle their affairs without resorting to destroying the lives of these living, breathing, sentient beings.

When you think about it…reputable breeders aren’t going to kill their dogs, or dump them at shelters, or let them roam loose to avoid the provisions of the law which would require license fees and inspections. The breeders who do that are the ones we all want to see go out of business, the puppy mill breeders. Sure makes you wonder just how invested these breeders are in the lives of their dogs if they’re willing to kill them. Maybe, they’re just in invested in the investment they get from selling their dogs.

Caution: Do not EVER purchase a dog from a pet store unless you know personally where the dog came from and the name of the breeder and you are able to meet at least the puppy’s mother, if not both parents. Needless to say, this eliminates all internet purchases of puppies as well unless you live in close proximity to the breeder and can visit his or her operation.

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