Fur Flies off the Runway

Paws Up!
To Seoul, South Korea, for forcing fur off the catwalk at next month’s fashion event.

According to a recent news story, “Seoul is forcing Italian fashion house Fendi to leave fur off the catwalk of its largest show in Asia due to protests.”

Fur belongs on the animal for whom it is a natural covering and not on the bodies of runway models. Fur is not a fashion statement; it is a death sentence to millions of animals either farm raised and slaughtered or trapped in the wild.

Take Action: The most important action you can take is to never wear fur, either as a full garment or trim. In addition, you can write to the ambassador from South Korea to the United States, letting him know you applaud Seoul’s decision to keep fur off the fashion runway.

The Honorable Han Duk-soo
South Korean Embassy
2450 Massachusetts Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20008-2850
Tele. No.: 202-939-5600


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