Saving Greyhounds One Racing Park at a Time

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To the Macon County Greyhound Park for ending live greyhound racing as of June 1.

According to a news source, live greyhound racing will end at the Macon County Greyhound Park in Shorter, Alabama, as of June 1.

But let’s not applaud too loudly. The reason greyhound racing was suspended was not concern for the dogs but strictly for economic reasons. According to a news source, chief operating officer Lewis Benefield said, “Economic realities

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make it impossible for us to continue offering live racing….Greyhound racing will resume when we can again offer the electronic bingo games which for many years subsidized the cost of live racing.”

So, the pressure is still on to eliminate greyhound racing wherever it is currently occurring and wherever it may return. There are seven states that still allow greyhound racing: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Iowa, Texas, and West Virginia.

Take Action: Residents of the states where greyhound racing is still legal, write your state legislators urging them to outlaw this dangerous and inhumane so-called sport. To our other readers, please do not attend greyhound racing events.


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  1. Caryn Wood Says:

    Thank you for your informative report, “Saving Greyhounds One Racing Park at a Time”, May 17, 2011.

    As confirmed by the decision to discontinue live racing at VictoryLand, dog racing cannot stand on its own without being propped up by other forms of gambling.

    Greyhound racing is no longer in tune with mainstream values. Since 2001, the dog-racing culture has changed, and 25 greyhound tracks across the country, other than VictoryLand, have closed or ceased live racing. The public’s awareness of the cruelty inherent in dog racing has contributed to its dramatic, steady decline. Now a losing game for the racetracks, dog racing has always been a losing game for the greyhounds.

    It is cruel and inhumane for greyhounds to live in nearly endless, abysmal confinement in small, stacked cages day in and day out. The cruelty doesn’t end when the greyhounds are let out to race, as they then face the risk of injuries such as broken limbs, broken necks, paralysis and death by cardiac arrest. As short-term investments, and overbred so there is always another greyhound to use as a replacement, the greyhounds are valued only as long as they generate a profit. That is no way to treat a dog.

    As the largest national greyhound protection organization, GREY2K USA works tirelessly and has achieved much success for the greyhounds.

    The following illustrates some of the accomplishments of GREY2K USA:

    legislation brought by GREY2K USA passed, which ended greyhound racing in New England;

    injury records obtained and published, which confirm the risk greyhounds face each time they race;

    undercover video obtained and aired, showing the abysmal confined conditions in which racing greyhounds live and the diseased meat they are fed;

    documented reports of racing greyhounds drugged with cocaine.

    GREY2K USA will continue to lead the charge to end dog racing in the states that still host this inhumane activity.

    I have personally adopted gentle, beloved ex-racing greyhounds since 1997, and I am a board member of GREY2K USA. For more information, including state-by-state updates, injury reports, undercover video, and adoption referrals, please visit

    Caryn Wood
    Board of Directors

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