Animals Have Advocates in New York State

Paws Up!

To the New York State Assembly for declaring June 1, 2011 Animal Advocacy Day in the state.

The New York Assembly voted to declare June 1, 2011 Animal Advocacy Day throughout the state. The resolution declares, “all living creatures have value and to recognize and appreciate the service, companionship, loyalty, unconditional love and happiness animals bring to the lives of New Yorkers;…[that] Animal abuse, cruelty and neglect result in unnecessary pain and suffering to animals;… [and that] It is vital that we encourage empathy and compassion for our companion animals and we provide a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.”

For all of us concerned with the care and welfare of animals, we believe advocating for animals at every level of government is important to their health, well being, and safety. Naturally, we would like every day to be Animal Advocacy Day, but we are grateful to the New York State Assembly for establishing at least one day this year to advocate for the animals.

Take Action: For New York residents, thank your legislators and Governor Cuomo for this public show of appreciation for the animals in your state.

For everyone else, how do you advocate for animals in your community? Is there a shelter that could use your time, talent, and dollars to make lives better for the animals in its care? Are there lonely dogs living in pens in your neighborhood who might like a walk around the block? If their owners agree, take the dog for a leg-stretching jaunt. Are there bills currently pending in your local and state governing bodies that require public support for passage? Become an advocate and “provide a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.”


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  1. Julie Ann Says:

    Thank you for your mention about June 1 Animal Advocacy Day at the capitol Albany NY -please help us protect our companion pets from the hands of their abusers. Join the below link for updates and the tracking of the bills in strengthening Buster’s Animal Cruelty Laws as they make their way thru the process…Please come on June !-

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