When you think about it…how should billionaires help the poor and destitute?

Photo by Donna Brown

GoDaddy.com CEO Bob Parsons shot a bull elephant while vacationing in Zimbabwe. His reason: to help save the hungry people’s crops and provide a needed meal. He even posted a video of the shooting along with images of the hungry people wearing GoDaddy.com hats carving up the elephant’s flesh. Parsons feels those who are upset cannot understand the plight of Zimbabweans due to our fortunate status in the world. Maybe many of us cannot. But does Parsons understand the plight of the elephant? Did Parsons ever consider a more humane way to spend his money to help the hungry of Zimbabwe? Is the elephant the culprit or merely the backdrop for a media stunt?

Other extremely wealthy individuals find more humane ways to accomplish the same goal—feeding the hungry. Could Parsons have put the money he spent on his hunting safari to better use by purchasing wholesome foods to feed the hungry instead of killing the innocent? One dead elephant will not solve the country’s problems. While the people shown in the video may receive nourishment for a couple days, they will still be hungry after Parsons leaves.

Zimbabwe was once considered the “bread-basket” of southern Africa; but because of political turmoil and government corruption, much land has gone fallow. Elephants, though they make an easy scapegoat, are not the source of Zimbabwe’s food shortages; and a vacation to Africa complete with the killing of a single elephant is certainly not a charitable act as Parsons would like all to believe. A publicity stunt—most likely; but hardly a humanitarian act.

When you think about it…can spending thousands of dollars for the chance to kill one elephant solve the food shortages affecting the globe, not just African nations? What better solutions to starvation could CEO Parsons have put his money toward?

Note: NHES does not use GoDaddy.com as a web host or domain registrar, and we urge you and your friends and colleagues to either switch if you do, or never use it.

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