When you think about it…should humans drink the milk of other species?

Photo by Compassion in World Farming

Drinking breast milk sure has the “ewww” factor built right into it, doesn’t it? Yet, millions of people drink breast milk daily. No, not infants. Adults. Adults who pour it on their cereal, mix it into their coffee, and drink large glassfuls at mealtime.

Humans drink the breast milk of cows. Although it’s not sold that way—“cow breast milk – 1 gallon,” that’s exactly what is in the cartons and bottles on your grocer’s shelf. To keep those shelves well stocked, thousands upon thousands of cows must be kept pregnant, constantly. For without giving birth, cows cannot produce milk. The offspring of dairy cows, if female, often join their mothers on the production line. If male, they often wind up confined to veal crates. Both are removed from their mothers immediately following birth so that we, instead of them, can drink her milk.

So, let’s see—we humans drink the milk of another species and we drink it long past infancy (no other species in the universe drinks breast milk beyond infancy and no other species in the universe drinks the breast milk of another species). We drink it, but the calves, for whom it is intended, do not get to drink it. In order for us to have a constant supply of cow breast milk, we must keep cows pregnant or they are useless to the dairy industry. All this so we can have a glass of milk.

When you think about it…drinking cow breast milk doesn’t make much sense. Keeping cows pregnant just so we can indulge in the excretion of their teats really should stop one cold. Then, there is the issue of eggs. We’ll leave that for another day. But when you think about it….

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