Alice in a Box

Photo by SoCo Rescue

Animal cruelty is abhorrent but when it continues for years, it is beyond explanation. Alice, a female pit bull dog, lived in a wooden box for six years—from the time she was a puppy. She was deprived of sunlight and was fed honey buns as nourishment. She lived in accumulated waste with her water and food bowls sitting in filth. Although Alice has now been moved to a chain link pen, she is still owned by the woman who put her in the box, Delois Hayward.

We are alarmed not only by the alleged cruelty Hayward took against her dog, but also by her motivations and what behaviors this may lead to in the future against both animals and humans.

Please write a polite letter to the sheriff of Toombs County, Georgia, seeking justice for Alice (known by her owners as Lil’ Mama). Let the sheriff know you support authorities pursuing a hearing regarding animal cruelty charges against Delois Hayward and that you further recommend removing Alice from her care.

Sheriff Alvie Lee Kight, Jr.
Toombs County Sheriff’s Office
357 NW Broad St. #1
Lyons, GA 30436

If you would like to write more officials in Toombs County, here is more contact information.

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  1. Cheryl moser Says:

    poor alice theres alot of people praying for u there will b light at the end of this hell u live in with lots of love and a worm home. Hang in there my love and prayers are with you

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