West Hollywood May Become Fur-Free

Photo by Kjell Bjørnstad

The city council of West Hollywood, California, is debating whether to become the nation’s first fur-free city. NHES opposes the killing of animals for their fur. We believe that no compelling reasons exist to subject these animals to pain, suffering, and death when viable clothing alternatives exist. Whether wild caught or fur-farmed, the animals experience all that is horrible about confinement. If caught in leghold traps, they have been known to chew their own limbs off in order to escape. Animals living in fur farms suffer extreme distress as the farm environment does not adequately provide for their physical, psychological, and emotional needs. Wildlife in fur farms are typically slaughtered by suffocation, beating, or anal/vaginal electrocution.

If you live in West Hollywood, contact your city council members immediately. Residents of other areas, contact your local city and county councils and urge the members to follow West Hollywood’s example.

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