Ask Great Wolf Resorts Not to Use Live Animals in Daycare

Fans of the show Undercover Boss saw CEO Kim Schaefer of Great Wolf Resorts working in a Cub Club day care center where a frog was placed on a table for the children to see and possibly touch and hold. NHES opposes using live animals as a means of human entertainment and economic gain. Animals, such as the frog seen in the Cub Club portion of Undercover Boss, belong in the wild and not part of a day care center’s entertainment. Children should be taught reverence for life. Removing animals from their natural, wild state falls short in sending that message.

Frogs can live both on land and water. Many live in tropical rainforests. They breathe through their skin so must keep their skin moist. They are often stolen from the wild or captive bred. In either case, they are deprived their natural habitat, food supply, and companionship necessary to fulfill their instincts. Often these animals are shipped around the country, which induces stress that can cause much suffering and sometimes death. And, what happens when they are no longer economically viable or if they are no longer the favorite fun creature of the month? In addition, frogs can be carriers of salmonella.

We suggest instead of featuring live animals, Great Wolf Resorts feature only animal-free entertainment in their lodges. After all, their business is all about humans, not frogs. If they must teach children about animals, they can hire a humane educator who can bring to the children a tender, caring approach to saving and protecting all animals.

Please write a polite letter to CEO Schaefer urging Great Wolf Resorts to keep wild animals out of Cub Club centers.

Kim Schaefer, CEO
Great Wolf Resorts, Inc.
525 Junction Road
Madison, Wisconsin 53717
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