Pups May Get Protection

Paws Up!
To the West Virginia House of Delegates for introducing a law to protect dogs in commercial dog breeding operations.

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HB 2015 sets out standards of care for dogs living in commercial dog breeding operations. Too often, dogs are found living in filthy conditions in what are called puppy mills. Without a clearly defined set of standards, these dogs wind up living in horrendous circumstances, suffering from extremes of weather, and living with medical conditions that go untreated. Their food and water may be frozen or contaminated with bacteria. Their paws sometimes become stuck to the bottoms of the wire cages they are forced to live in year-round. They rarely have any human contact.

Take Action: West Virginia residents, write your delegates requesting their support of HB 2015. You can also write to the chair of the House Agriculture Committee urging him to report this legislation out of committee for a favorable vote on the House floor this legislative session. Residents of other states, contact your state legislators to see if your state has legislation protecting dogs in commercial dog breeding facilities. If not, urge them to introduce such legislation.

Greg Butcher, Chair
House Agriculture Committee
Room 219E, Building 1
State Capitol Complex
Charleston, WV 25305
Tele.: 304-340-3112
E-mail: greg.butcher@wvhouse.gov


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