Pet Store Bill

Paws Up!
To the state of Illinois for enacting a pet store disclosure law.

According to news source, “The new pet store law [effective January 1, 2011] requires that each pet have a full disclosure card on its cage or very close to where the pet is housed. This disclosure card must state such things as:

  • Puppies languish in a small cage

    Photo by NHES

    Full price, including adoption fees or any other applicable fees

  • Microchip number
  • Information on the breed, sex and age of the dog
  • The breeders name and address
  • Information on the pedigree of the pet, including registration numbers
  • Any dates or reasons the pet was returned
  • Any and all medical history before or during the time the store or shelter had the pet
  • Any additional remarks as warranted”

Many puppies and adult dogs are sold in pet stores where consumers are often misled into thinking they come from small and/or local/home breeders when in fact the animals come from commercial breeding facilities often referred to as puppy mills.

Take Action: Illinois residents, congratulate your legislators for protecting animals and consumers. Residents of other states, contact your legislators and let them know of the victory in Illinois and urge them to pass similar legislation.


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