Breed Bans Don’t Work

Paws Up!
To Ohio State Representative Barbara Sears for reintroducing legislation that would remove pit bulls from the state’s definition of vicious dogs.

Ohio State Representative Barbara Sears has reintroduced HB 14 which would remove the following language in the state’s dangerous dog law: “Belongs to a breed that is commonly known as a pit bull dog.”

Friendly Pitbull

Photo by NHES

Ohio is the only state with a statewide breed ban. HB 14 would change that.

Breed bans simply don’t work. Focusing attention on one breed to the exclusion of all other dogs leaves the public thinking they are protected from X breed when, in fact, it is often the family dog (regardless of breed or breed mix) who delivers the worst bites. Dogs who are unsprayed, unneutered, or chained outdoors for long periods of time also tend to be the ones most likely to be involved in acts of aggression—regardless of breed.

Take Action: Ohio residents, contact your legislators urging them to support HB 14. Residents of other states, if you have breed ban legislation in your local jurisdictions, contact your legislators urging them to repeal such legislation. Dangerous dog laws work; breed ban laws do not.


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