Ask Paula Deen to Help Pigs

Paula Deen is a respected voice in the world of culinary arts with a wide following. Her promotion of Smithfield Foods, however, is cause for concern. Smithfield Foods originally announced it would phase out gestation crates within 10 years but went back on the decision. In addition, there have been reports of Smithfield employees in Virginia hitting pigs with rods, throwing piglets into crates, and letting immature piglets fall helplessly into manure pits. Other abuses have been reported in other Smithfield plants.

NHES urges Paula Deen, and all other celebrity chefs, to distance themselves from this company that goes back on its word and who has a history of alleged abuse against pigs. Since Paula Deen is an esteemed member of the world of food, she should choose to use her position to promote companies that treat animals with respect. Please write Paula Deen and ask her to do so.

Paula Deen
Paula Deen Enterprises, LLC
2391 Downing Avenue
Thunderbolt, GA 31404
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